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19-Jun-2017 20:57

No one wants to read a book about someone who solicits sympathy from the reader. I never wanted to be that person who leaves ” It was a little bit of a bummer, but it wasn’t an earth-shattering event. It was all very innocent until you had to hide your large, red dildo, a gift from your sex-addict ex. I believe this, because you also call it a vibrator. DRATCH: Well, the telltale dildo sounded better than the telltale vibrator. STOKES: I loved how after dating all these dysfunctional addicts, you end up meeting the father of your son at Shoolbred’s, a bar in the East Village. I think that’s very inspirational for women, especially those in their thirties and forties who are still worried about where they’re going to end up. Some people throw themselves into it and do the whole Internet thing. I have to say it will happen when you’re not looking, because I’m not really an active looker. [STOKES: How did you fit into the comedy world, being so innocent?

Usually the characters are much older and much heavier than she is in real life.LIANNE STOKES: After being on thing, I was kind of frittering away my days. I started writing during the day to feel like I was accomplishing something creative.The stories I wrote about being single and dating, I wrote way before anything happened.Her debut memoir, stands up for all women in their thirties and forties who haven’t lived their lives in sync with the societal timeline.

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We spoke with Dratch about topics including sex-addict boyfriends, channeling spirits, and how her “unplanned non-career” led to her surprise mid-life pregnancy.Anyone who saw an episode of Saturday Night Live between 19 knows Rachel Dratch. The former SNL star recounts the adventures and unexpected joy of dating and becoming a mom when she least expected it—at the age of forty-four.